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Flagstone Installation 


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Do your landscape installation now while the weather is mild. 

By time spring gets here it will get too hot very fast.



"Fall is for planting, fall is here!"

- Bill Rohde,

"The Lawn and Garden Show"


So is winter...With our mild winters in south Texas, planting trees and most shrubs this time of year is ideal. There is no heat stress.





Large Privacy Shrubs



Create an instant privacy hedge with some fast growing 

Red Tip Photinias

These evergreen shrubs will get up to 15-20' tall and block out your pain in the rear, nosey neighbors!


$235 each

Installation is available 




Xeriscape design with some nice Italian Cypress





Leave it to your builder to build...

  We'll install your landscaping 




Replace your builders landscaping with a custom xeriscape design







Your builder leave you with a yard of bare dirt and cheap sod?

We can create a new yard form scratch. 






Cement slabs, stairs

and patio extentions 




Japanese Yew

24" Box, 8-9' tall

Evergreen shrubs that can handle sun and shade

Great for a privacy hedge or screen


$295 each

Installation is available







Texas Sabal Palm

Container grown 


7' tall with a 2' trunk


Will get up to 50' tall and 25' wide. Container grown, so transpalnting will take.

Very cold tolerant.





Canary Island Date Palms

Large, mature container Canary Islands

Thick 3' and 2 1/2' trunks

16' and 19' tall

$1,600 each








15g Canary Island







Oversized 15 gallon Canary Island Date Palms,

will get to over 30' tall and wide

Cold tolerant to 20 degrees F


Currently 7-9' tall, 9-11' wide, 1-2' trunks

$200 each




Chinese Fan Palms 

Beautiful, tall B&B Chinese Fans

17-19' tall with 6' and 7' trunks. Very "cured" Grows up to 30' tall and 20' wide

$900 each






Japanese Blueberry Shrubs,

6 1/2-7' tall

$285 each






Flagstone Installation


Japanese Blueberry Shrubs

24'' box, 8-9 tall


$295 each


Installation is available 

Tune into 


The Lawn and Garden Show,

1200 AM WOAI, Saturdays mornings at 7 am




Get your plants in the ground now before it gets too hot!






30 gallon privacy shrubs 

Red Tip Photinia - fast growing

Currenty 7-8' tall






$235 each

Installation is available





Red Tips-Evergreen shrubs that will quickly grow into a privacy hedge!




"Compact" Cherry Laurels

7 1/2-8 1/2' tall

Excellent evergreen for a privacy hedge, max size up to 15' tall

$275 each








Italian Cypress, 7-8' tall


$250 each

(Installation is available)





Too shady for your Bermuda sod on the side of your home?


Install a decomposed granite walkway-


Low maintenance and practicle








Large Tree Installation










Decomposed Granite Walkways Installation


Here at Alamo City Landscape we use fine decomposed granite, which is much more uniform than the "chunky" stuff that most landscapers use.





Tune in to the

 "The Lawn & Garden Show"

with David Rodriguez & Bill Rohde

Sat. mornings from 7am - 10am, 1200 WOAI











 30 gallon Tip Photinia:


$235 each

Installation is available




***Back Yard Privacy!***


7-8' tall, 4-5' wide! 



Outstanding, oversized Red Tips for instant privacy! Several of these planted in a row will block out your annoying neighbors!







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